Sun City Roseville Trails Club
Pictures by Fletcher

The following are links to pictures taken by Linda and Larry while on hikes with the Trails Club or on unscheduled hikes with a few members.

Trail Name &
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Date of Hike


Linda, Ann, HD and Larry went back to this trail to do a bit of Geocaching.

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The Club did their hike on April 1st, to Bridgeport, CA to see the Flowers 
           Hike Leader -- Don Stoye
           At South Yuba River -  The Buttermilk and Point Defiance Trails
           Mileage 5 miles                
           Difficulty  # 3.5  Easy         
           TrailHead   600 ft                 Elevation Gain  575 ft

Spenceville Wildlife Area -- California
           Hike Leader -- Jim Baker
           Hike to Fairy Falls and back    Lots of flowers
           Mileage    6 miles                   
           Difficulty  # 3.5  Easy             
           TrailHead  350 ft                     Elevation Gain    450 ft